Alanna Palombo from standing ovation

This wiki is about Alanna Palombo and the fabulous movie standing ovation! In the movie Alanna calls herself Alanna wannabe,a spoiled girl who always gets her way and Alanna is definitely a wannabe! In the movie Alanna eventually joins the singing group of 12 year olds. Their band name is the 5 ovations! When Alanna joins the crew she also joins in the rivalry of the wiggies, a band of girls who are the most spoiled and daughter of a rich wig maker. One of the girls has a manager. She has a bag of tricks which is highly dangerous! The girl and her manager finally find a man who stole millions of dollars from the managers father! The man who stole turns out to be the girls' runaway father who returns the money and makes a big party so his daughter will finally smile after his long time away from her. This doesn't give too much info because honestly you should watch it! Here is a picture of one of the wiggies

One of the wiggies making a signature pose